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HealthWise Billing


Billing Solutions
The VitaLogics integration with Healthwise Billing provides a seamless billing process. This relationship is special because Healthwise will bill within your software verse having your staff commit to the cumbersome process of faxing end of day reports and EOBs. This allows you to use all the reports and statistics in your system while using a third party billing system.

AlignLife Franchise


AlignLife is a national franchise focusing on the most seamless chiropractic wellness offering on the market. VitaLogics was initially built exclusively for AlignLife, however, the product became such a powerful component of the practice they decided to unleash this exclusive software for the profession. You will learn how to diversify your income streams while providing better clinical services to your patients. For more information about the AlignLife opportunity click here.

solesupportsSole Supports

Sole Supports is an innovative, medical-grade foot orthotics manufacturer. They make custom foot supports that follow your prescription in order to provide both immediate pain relief and prevention of any new pains or deformities. Healthcare practitioners must be certified to order from Sole Supports because because you must have the best possible cast of your foot to make the best support. To learn more about Sole Supports click here.